Workplace and Safety Culture Consultants

We are a New Zealand consulting company working locally and globally since 2002. As health and safety consultants, we help clients understand and improve their Workplace, Patient and Safety Culture. We give you robust information that illustrates your Health & Safety Culture. This enables your organisation to reduce risk, engage employees and improve business results in a measurable way.
Our internationally proven measurement tools take the guess work out of managing Health and Safety, Patient and Workplace Culture.

Everything we do is linked back to health and safety risk mitigation, employee engagement, patient safety and financial performance.

Talk to us and find out what other leading businesses have done to implement processes that out-perform their peers.


Our Vision

be courageous. plant change. map a new culture of safety We see a future where the wellbeing and safety of people at work will be as important as financial success. In fact, a future where a culture of safety inspires trust, motivates and transforms employee engagement, and productivity. A future where leaders start and demonstrate behaviours vital for a safe and learning orientated culture. We know it takes conscious effort to make the physical aspects of workplaces safer, we know the needs of policy and process compliance. Most importantly we know safety is a state of mind, and that beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions are powerful elements shaped by leaders that determine behaviour and outcomes. Vision. Future leaders will link together financial and employee wellbeing to differentiate their offering, and their success will be measured on the outcomes of both.

Our History

We’ve specialised in measuring and building better, safer workplace cultures since 2002. Our services span clients in NZ, UK, USA, China, Japan, and Singapore. We guarantee results and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value. As consultants, our products and services are based on experience alongside a pragmatic and scientific approach. We see this as critical to ensuring our clients have the confidence to change and adapt what they need to, embed and sustain improvements, and achieve positive measurable outcomes. We help build great safety cultures that become a way of working to enhance every project. Everyone from customers, employees, managers, leaders and board members, appreciate the benefits an effective safety culture makes to achieving key business objectives.