Accreditation Details

Discover the benefits of becoming accredited to access and use Concordia’s Health & Safety Culture Survey instrument.

HSC - Health & Safety Culture Survey - for health and safety managers, advisors and consultants.

Public or in-house accreditation workshop

Each accreditation workshop (one day) will provide you with:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the survey instrument, theory, and research
  • application examples
  • confidence to de-brief reports, develop action plans, and provide advice for improvement
  • scoping and communication templates
  • access your own reports
  • purchase surveys at wholesale prices
  • links to other world-class practitioners and research
  • sample reports, workshop notes, certificate, technical support, and on-going updates
Health and Safety Culture (HSC) Successful business leaders build competitive advantage through an effective safety culture.  The HSC gives you the tools to profoundly improve safety outcomes and business performance.  The survey identifies strengths and risks by measuring lead indicators, rather than historical events.  It shows how to achieve zero harm, and transform safety culture and leadership.  Accreditation gives you access to this powerful tool.

Concordia’s support and reference materials mean you’ll have all the information you need to immediately put your new knowledge into practice.

The cost of the accreditation for each workshop is $1,295 + GST (Includes all workshop and support materials, meals and refreshments.)