Safety Engagement

The Health and Safety Engagement Survey identifies employee and business risks.

Survey results also clearly show where there are opportunities for improved safety outcomes and business.

Knowing what your employees think about safety could be the best business investment you make this year.

When it comes to safety, an engaged workforce leads to improved outcomes, and business performance.

An engaged workforce:

  • participates to achieve better safety outcomes
  • communicates about issues and obstacles
  • is strongly influenced by management behaviours
  • gets involved to identify and fix potential hazards

Safety Engagement Improvement Model

A workforce engaged in safety means everyone participates in ensuring everyone is safe at work. It is well proven that an engaged workforce not only leads to improved safety outcomes but also improved overall business performance.

Workforce safety engagement deserves more than guesswork. Measure health and safety and patient safety engagement to predict workplace incidents, business risk, and improve safety outcomes by identifying what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Find out how the Health and Safety Engagement Survey could be the best investment your business makes this year.