Health and Safety: New Rules – New Tools

No matter the size or activity, employee safety is now a business issue you can’t afford to ignore.

The Safety Culture Litmus Test

In less than 5 minutes your workforce will tell you their perceptions about your business’s safety culture.

Why do businesses choose the Litmus Test?

The top eight reasons are:

  1. A quick overview of your safety culture
  2. Easy to use
  3. Employees want to be asked
  4. Safety culture demystified
  5. Easy to understand reports
  6. Free on-line access to your reports
  7. Confidential
  8. Unlimited access to trusted advisors and improvement tools

You’ll get clear data and actionable results –

that show where there are opportunities to improve your safety culture

You’ll get comparisons –

across workgroups

You’ll get engaged employees –

loyal customers, and sustainable business improvements

You’ll see where your business is –

on the journey towards a mature safety culture

Your efforts to provide a safe workplace could be undone in an instant by a dis-engaged employee or contractor, and the results could be catastrophic for employees, clients, and your business.

Now more than ever leaders need to ensure that their workplace culture enhances health and
safety. The definition of those responsible for health and safety outcomes includes everyone and especially board members, CEO and other senior managers.

Never has it been more important to measure, understand and improve your safety culture.

Getting started is easy: