Solutions and Services

Concordia’s solutions and services are integrated so that everything we do to help clients maximise employee performance, is linked to better business performance.

Management, and organisations, concentrate on strategic objectives to make them more effective and profitable. Unfortunately, while their focus is solely on their future, about 70% fail to achieve their strategic destination because they have little useful information about their existing culture. New technology, strategy, processes and products are essential competitive components, but people are the difference between achieving almost great, and breakthrough performance.

Our solutions help clients make sure they have focused the right things. We deliver insights about employee perceptions and organisational culture that are based on data. With this information, both employees and management can align to work together and adapt to create an environment that unlocks their own, and business potential.

All enterprises need employees who invest their best into their work, who make a positive difference, and who perform brilliantly. That potential already exists – Concordia helps clients release it.

Specialist areas include:

Health and Safety Culture
Health and Safety Engagement
Workplace Performance Culture
Patient Safety Culture
Accreditation Workshops