Workplace Culture and Performance

The Workplace Performance Culture Survey (WPC) measures the key human factors essential for great performance. It assesses workplace practices, takes a good hard look at what all employees want and expect, and compares that with what they actually experience.

When managers know rather than assume where the gaps are, understand them and then respond to them, they can have a profound effect on improved employee and business performance. Another key benefit of the WPC survey is that it will be the catalyst for conversations and actions to achieve: innovation; successful change; employee engagement; productivity and competitive advantage.

Key Thinking

The WPC helps to maximise the investment in people, after-all they are an organisation’s most valuable asset. Our comprehensive easy to understand reports, show clearly what employees think and feel about their workplace, why they perform the way they do, and ensure improvement actions are focused on the right things.

To make organisations more efficient and effective we must understand the role that culture plays in organisational life!

Edgar Schein

Professor of Management, E.I.T